For the Mangyans

   In July 2011, Makibahagi put up a Benefit Concert.  The net income of $3,000.00 was then donated to the Mangyans through a non-government organization (NGO) Panariling Kaunlaran ng Kamangyanan, Inc.

   This NGO was organized through the efforts of Fr. Dennis Flynn, an SVD Missionary, when he was still assigned in Mindor.  Fr. Flynn despite having retired from his active priesthood still goes back to Mindoro to continue his outreach program.  Fr. Flynn is a Cebuano-American and resides in San Diego.

   In December 2015, Makibahagi will undertake fundraisers, one of which is Caroling, and will donate the proceeds to help in one of the urgent projects.  Below are excerpts of the email of Fr. Dennis dated 11/16/2015:

Here are the URGENT needs:
[A] the "COUNTERPART" of the already-approved Multi-Purpose Building at the PKKi "Annex" at BANTI [a sitio of Bulalacao, a.k.a. PKKi "Site 3" -- cf. 
(1GoogleEarth 12.400700, 121.377699  
(2) attached pictures taken at site -- of the students' "bayanihan" effort for their "new" temporary uarters [unti the MSC project is finisned]

(3) "MSC Mission Office Philippines

Oct 23
to me
Good day father, good to hear about your rehab. Hope everything is well, assure my prayers for your good condition. Anyhow, regarding the "counterpart", the approved budget of the project was Php465,325.00, the total amount we listed for the project is Php703,637.00. That would make the counterpart of Php238,312.ooFood and labor is already included on that item."   
                              = $ ???
[B] Construction of (1) Vermibed -- 5-cu. meters of hollow blocks -- as starting point of Program's VERMICULTURE project [for own use & marketing purposes]; & (2) [all-Mangyan operated] Blacksmith shop [away from Multi-Purpose Bldg because of noise, smoke, & fumes] -- gawaan ng mga GULOK, DULOS [weeding implement], PLANTSA NG ARADO, atbp [also great potentials for Program's INCOME] 
                          $1,500.oo ? [material & bayanihan labor].
Please note: PKKi already has nearly ALL the necessary tools, as well as already recruited the best Mangyan pandays in the hills for that pandayan;
[C] Waterworks for irrigation of "Site 3" [2 has.], its material & mostly hired labor [pls bayanihan] to dig a deep well ["guaranteed!", said the divining MSC priest of the site by a bamboo clump]